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Top 11 New Years Resolutions For Commercial Real Estate Professionals

I decided to humor myself and draft what might be your top eleven New Years resolutions. They are:

1. I promise to actually market — beyond just sticking a sign in the ground. I am committed to creating and sticking with a “Marketing Schedule”

2. I will return every single phone call that comes into my office, and I really mean it this year. I cannot possibly know ahead of time what the person placing the call has in store for me and I vow to find out.

3. I will invite a person of influence to share a meal with me once every week. I will use the time we are together to first find out how I can help my dining partner with his/her business and second, ask for referrals. Even if I get frustrated because nobody seems to have any referrals I will not give up. This practice is bound to pay off. It just takes one!

4. I will take at least 2 vacations and promise not check my email or voicemail until I return. When I get back I will be refreshed, full of energy and ready to “rock and roll”. I heard from Cindy that those clients of hers who vacation regularly make MORE MONEY.

5. I will set goals this year and create a game plan for IMPLEMENTATION. I will check my goals daily, weekly, and monthly measuring to see if I am on track for success or whether I need to take drastic action. This is the year for me to have the ULTIMATE SUCCESS I know I am capable of.

6. I will TAKE MY POWER back and vow to schedule one day a quarter to sit back, reflect and analyze where I am with my business. I will try and come up with at least one gigantic new idea that will move my business forward and a game plan for putting this new idea into play. This will almost feel like a game to me – full of fun and anticipation for when I hit “payday” with each new idea.

7. I will read the trade journals, newspaper articles and other propaganda that comes across my desk in a timely fashion. If anything catches my attention I will snip it out and put in a file folder labeled: THINGS TO TAKE ACTION ON. Once a week I will set 60 minutes aside in my calendar and take the required action each snip it in the folder requires.

8. I will not allow myself to get caught up in any negative propaganda circulating around referencing how slow the commercial real estate market has become or how deals are taking forever to make. I will exercise the control I have in my business to make this my BEST YEAR YET.

9. I will never say, “that won’t work in my business”, but instead figure out how successful strategies can work in my business. After all the 3 most dangerous words to me in 2008 will become, “that won’t work”.

10. I will make at least $100,000 more than I did last year. It will be effortless because I have made the decision to do things differently in the New Year.

11. I will hire a coach.